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3 Common Myths about Bunions

Bunions are a very common foot condition that can vary in severity, depending on your age, health and genetics. While many of us may suffer from bunions, there are several misconceptions about what it’s like to live with them. Throughout this post, we will bust 3 common myths about bunions to help shed some light

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Common Foot Injuries for Athletes

Whether you are a serious basketball player or a casual jogger, your an athlete and we want to keep you functioning at your best! That’s why we crafted this week’s blog post around common foot injuries for athletes. It’s a great way to learn what could happen and take the necessary precautions to ensure you

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Celebrities Suffer From Foot Problems Just Like Us!

We naively believe that celebrities are immune to physical health-related issues because they have the perfect everything. This, however, is not true. They are human, and their extremely busy schedule makes them more susceptible to various problems. Since they have to keep standing, walking or dancing for long periods of time, they are especially liable

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