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Celebrities Suffer From Foot Problems Just Like Us!

We naively believe that celebrities are immune to physical health-related issues because they have the perfect everything. This, however, is not true. They are human, and their extremely busy schedule makes them more susceptible to various problems. Since they have to keep standing, walking or dancing for long periods of time, they are especially liable to experience foot problems.

From itching blisters to painful bunions, foot problems are more common in celebrities than you think! And it’s not just the female celebrities who experience them, but also some male stars like David Beckham, who had to get injections in his feet to ease some of the pain after overusing them for so long.

It is true, however, female celebrities tend to experience more foot problems than males. This is because while trying to look more fashionable, they hardly wear anything but heels or tight-fitting, uncomfortable shoes to make their feet look daintier. We believe that you can look your best in anything you wear and your health, not your appearance, should be your first priority! Here are the top three ways to look amazing and have painless, problem-free feet:

1. Avoid Heels!

Seriously, you don’t have to wear them all the time. They are hazardous for your feet. Wearing high-heeled shoes that puts all the pressure on the toes is the main reason why most female celebrities experience major foot problems. While Victoria Beckham bunions were worsened by her love for stilettos, resulting in surgery, Sarah Jessica Parker actually developed an extra bone on her feet due to wearing heels almost all day long year after year.

It’s more painful than it appears! Wearing such pointy shoes can put you at high risk for bunions and other bone deformities. Wear cushioned or padded shoes and avoid those pointy pumps if you want to prevent ugly bunions peeking out. Look at Emma Watson’s fabulous feet first and then her shoe choice.

There’s a reason her feet have been rated the best looking feet by WikiFeet. It is because, instead of trying to live up to some stereotypical, patriarchal ideal of feminine beauty, she puts her comfort first and mostly wear shoes that are comfortable and sturdy. So when she does wear heels, her beautiful feet appear even more spectacular in them!

2. Wear Size-up shoes!

Wearing tight-fitted shoes cannot only be uncomfortable, but can also cause a variety of foot problems, from swollen toes to blisters to even more serious corns. Corn is a spot of thickened, dead skin with a packed center and a yellowish appearance that is not only pretty painful, but can look quite ugly as well.

When Katie Holmes appeared at The Fragrance Foundation’s Fifi Awards in strappy golden heels, the world couldn’t stop pointing at her ‘corny’ toes. Similarly, Kelly Rowland has revealed her corn-filled toes on various occasions while still stubbornly sticking to strikingly slim and tight-fitting heels.

You can avoid this problem by wearing larger, more comfortable shoes instead of wearing a size too small to make your feet look smaller. Take warning from Flay Marcey, who was forced to wear ill-fitting shoes at the season six premiere of ‘Game of Thrones’ because of the obvious blisters on her feet.

To avoid getting to this stage in the first place, do what J-Lo did when she knew she would have to keep moving all night long; she wore oversized shoes to the Annual American Music Awards in 2014, successfully avoiding blisters and swollen feet, while managing to look gorgeous and elegant at the same time.

3. Exercise and Moisturize!

And dancing in high-heeled boots doesn’t count as exercise! Many female stars have faced the embarrassment of looking spectacular only from head to…well, ankle, because of dry, patched feet showing through their sandals. Holly Madison must have been terribly embarrassed when the world, instead of admiring her Charlotte Olympia poodle sandals once again, started commenting on her disastrously dry heels that were in serious need of moisturizing.

Using a good moisturizing lotion regularly, oiling the feet after washing them and wearing socks to retain their moisture or washing your feet with lemon juice or rosewater mixed with mustard oil, can greatly reduce minor foot problems.

You should rest your feet in breaks by taking off uncomfortable shoes if you still persist in wearing them, and allowing your feet to breath. Or you can try simple feet-relaxing exercises like standing on your toes barefooted and then returning your feet slowly to the ground to aid in the natural circulation. Remember, it’s no use wearing stylish shoes if your feet continue to look ugly in them!

If you follow the above instructions, we can assure you that you can avoid several of the foot problems that celebrities face today. Yet, if you still want to get some use out of those stylish heels you just bought, and end up with painful feet, or if you have a genetic condition that makes it difficult for you to continue your daily activities efficiently. Or if you just want to improve the health of your feet in general, you can contact your podiatrist at Family Foot Center today or click here to set up an appointment online with our experienced doctors.

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